I am honored to present another innovation in our means of public service. The official website of the Municipal Government of Gerona has taken a great leap from being simply informative to interactive. This change will bring our people convenience and ease in dealing with the municipal government and in keeping themselves abreast of the developments in the town. This is most especially useful for Geronians who are no longer based in the town or who are overseas and therefore unable to return to their hometown from time to time.

The newest addition to our website is its interface. Its simplicity and sophistication will give a cozy feeling to anyone who would visit our site. They will feel that Geronian touch of cordial reception that our townsfolk miss when they are a far from our beloved town. And it will attract would-be tourists to visit and experience that Geronian welcome.

Updates and announcements will be constantly posted to keep every Geronian informed of the projects and programs of the municipal government. This way, we can expect that there will be more participation in our endeavor to make Gerona better, safer, fairer.

Our website also serves as an interactive forum for our locals and Geronians abroad. In this forum, you are free to post any comments, suggestions, requests, and messages. This is to keep our communication with the people of Gerona simple yet in style.

We strive to give the best service to the people of Gerona and launching this website is our means of giving our people an easier, better, and accessible way to keep in touch with the municipal government. Let this be our way of inviting everyone to be part of our service to our beloved town.

I express my deepest recognition to our people. You deserve better service and this is one of them.

Thank you!
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