Barangay Calayaan

In the southwestern part of the territorial jurisdiction of the Municipality of Gerona, lays a hilly barrio called “Calayaan”. It is more or less a thousand feet above the sea level. It is bounded on the west by the Tarlac- Sta. Ignacia road. Its past name, as people say was San Celestine, thought not to be popularly known by the name. The name from which it was derived was the first name who initiated the pioneering of the lands of homestead. Incidentally, he was the first Teniente Del Barrio. The present official name of the early settlers whose privilege it was to select the sites they choose to occupy as homestead. No one hindered then from enjoying this privilege.

There were no interested parties to prohibit them from acquiring homestead from the BIMMARIBAR forest which has an area of eight hundred seventy four and four tenths (874.4) hectares more or less.
Date of Establishment:
From the date of its establishment on April 10, 19914, there were eighty (80) family heads were Christian and the rest were eatas. These eatas were later driven further into the mountain. The Christian in the course of time, increase rapidly as the barrio progress.
The Spanish Soldiers established their headquarters in this barrio during the Spanish Regime. However they were forced to leave the place after the casadores (Filipino soldiers) destroyed their temporary headquarters erected just southeast of the present school site.
The retreat of the USAFFE particularly the 23rd Regiment, 21st division under the command of Col. Liberato Littawa took place from the Poblacion to this barrio. The American soldiers also retreated here. During the war, the price of rice soared to unprecedented heights due to the inflation. As result of this, the lives of the people improved considerably. They reconstructed their houses following them old structural plans consisting of a sala, kitchen, bedroom and batalan and one place.
Loss of Lives and destruction of Properties:
There were no casualties among the population during the Spanish-American and Japanese-American was according to the information gathered from resource person in the barrio. Only four persons from the barrio disappeared. T he victims were Pedro Tabago, Paulino Obiar, alias “Mexicano”, Pio Calim and Modesta Mendoza. Their disappearance was a result of the circumstances at the time.


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