Barangay Luna

The present official name of barrio is Luna. This is also its popular name.
Before acquiring the name Luna, the place was popularly known as Puroc (Gerona). The northern part of the place was the object of a contest between the Mayors of Gerona and Pura. The land, by virtue of the industrial survey of Gerona belongs to Gerona, but the people preferred to be under the jurisdiction of Pura. The municipal Council of Gerona under the leadership of the Mayor Pedro V. Bartolome, and the Municipal Council and made an aicabel settlement. They established the boundary which is located just adjacent to the house of Mr. Gavino Pascua. All houses north of the boundary line belonged to Pura including the people and all houses south of the line beginning from the houe of Mr. Pascua up to the junction leading to Amacalan, was proclaimed a new barrio named luna which was carved from its mother barrio of Bularit.
The Barrio of Luna was established during the term of Mayor Pedro V. Bartolome in 1946-1947.

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