Barangay Matapitap

When World War II broke out Matapitap is not yet established, just a small group of houses scattered along the road. Cupang and Matapitap were formerly sitios of Salapungan, and as years pass they were organized into separate barrios. The eastern part of barrio Salapungan was named Matapitap and Cupang remained the sitio of Salapunan. The people in the barrioare mostly ilocanos and pampango dialect. Ilocanos were the 1st. inhabitants of this place, Catalino Balmores who was the first Tenientes del Barrio.
The Teniente del Barrios held an office, they elect there officers as the people want. In case the barrio people want to change their barrio officials, they called a meeting and asked to resign and successor is elected, they select treasurer, barrio Police, and all to whom are selected by the barrio people. The people elect by their officer by raising their hands system.
Matapitap is considered as one of the smallest barrio of Gerona. It is 3 km. away from the town proper. It traversed by the provincial road through the town proper of Victoria on the eastern part of Gerona. The Barangay has two roads, one going to southward to the field and the other one going to northward (to bawa), most of the people are farmers. There principal crops are rice, corn, sugarcane, sincamas, peanut, etc.
Palay, sugarcane, corn are the 3 major crops planted in this barangay. Camote, peanut, sincamas in depend upon the season, and the major auxiliary crops are vegetables.

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