Barangay Oloybuaya

Sometime in the year 1940 a small village comprising of ten thousand households at about 40 residents lived in a forested place. It is bordered by virgin twin creeks at about five meters depth nurturing different species of fish. Year by year the people increase by the migrants from different place. The name Oloybuaya was established when the twin creeks overflowed and an animal called “BUWAYA” was carried in the place by a strong current of water. This is how Oloybuaya got his name.
Barangay Oloybuaya is bounded on the west by Barangay Caturay (3 km.) on the east by the municipality of Pura (4km.) on the north by the municipality of Ramos (5km.). It is accessible by all kinds of all conveyance because of well manicured roads.
Barangay Oloybuaya was an approximately 248, 400 hectares of plain fertile agricultural land suitable for all kinds of plants.
Barangay Oloybuaya has a total population of 1, 167 people decently house in 228 households. At present our barangay has a 7% population growth based on the 2007 National Census.

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