Barangay Singat

It is the policy of the state to enable local government units most especially the barangay to attain fullest development or self reliant communities and make them more effective partners in the attainment of national goals.
The Sangguniang Barangay of Singat Gerona Tarlac with its five new elected officials and four recollected officials, have pledged to support the national government through the municipal and provincial governments in the fulfillment of the policy of the state.
In compliance to section 16 of RA 7160, known as the local government code of 1991, the barangay council of Singat, Gerona Tarlac aims to promote the general welfare of its inhabitants by; preserving and enriching their culture, promoting health and safety enhancing the right of the people balance ecology, encouraging and supporting the development of appropriate and self-reliant, scientific and technological capabilities, I am proving public morals, enhancing economic prosperity and social justice, promoting full employment among the residents, maintaining peace and order, preserving the comfort and convenience of the inhabitants.
Barangay Singat is geographically bounded on the East by Barangay Singat, Pura, south by Barangay Bawa, west by barangay Abagon and north by Barangay Carbonel.
It has an area of 198.700 hectares. This community is engaging primarily on agricultural products such as sugar cane, vegetables and others. This barangay was a total population of 1,479 inhabitants. With 747 males and 732 females of June 2008 and it has 321 households.
At present Barangay Singat is divided into 7 puroks which are Purok 1, Purok 2, Purok 3, Purok 4, Purok 5, Purok 6, and Purok 7. These puroks are under the supervision of the kagawad of the Council.
Here with the proposed Annual Barangay Budget 2008 to finance and undertake the delivery or basic services as mandated by law and in law ans inline with development of barangay. Their important provisions are summarized as follows:
Estimates of revenues for the ensuing year mainly come from the barangay share from Internal revenue Allotment amounting to 672,483 are from the real property taxes collected by the municipality in our barangay in the amount of 5, 000, and provincial and municipal aid amounting of 2, 000.
On expenditures aspects of the annual budget, the total proposed expenditure has exceeded the total estimated income. Full provision have been made for all statutory and contractual obligation such as 10% of the general fund has been set aside for the Sangguniang Kabataan amounting to 67, 948.30 and 20% for Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) amounting to 134, 496.00, which is within the limitation set by the law.
The Sangguniang Kabataan Development Plan Proposed Project for funding for CY 2008 is as follows.
    A. Sports and Youth development
    B. Clean and Green Program
    C. Anti-drug campaign, poster’s and billboards
    D. Tree Planting
    E. Repair of the Basketball court
    F. To conduct training and seminars of SK members
On development projects/activities of the Barangay Council, the Barangay Development Council has plan the following projects is wit:
  1. To maintain in the good running condition or the Barangay patrol car that is needed in emergency situation.
  2. To purchase brand new areas cutter to do used in the maintenance of the clean and green program of the barangay.
  3. To construct comfort room for to be used by the day cae pupils.
  4. To construct a reading center for every puroks to be used during puroks meetings.
  5. To make the Barangay Plazuela presentable to the people by constructing the fences around the barangay plazuela and painting it with due colors.
  6. To construct polding tables and chairs to be used during barangay celebrations.
  7. To provide markers for every puroks and to construct Boundary ark.
  8. To maintain peace and order in the community to enhance fullest growth and prosperity of the people.
  9. To purchase Laptop to be used at the barangay hall.
  10. To provide personal services to the people thru issuance of barangay clearance and certifications in line with the Gabay sa Mamayan Activities.
  11. To maintain the folkways and traditions being practiced by.
  12. To eradicate rabies infection thru anti-rabbies injection to all domesticated dogs and cats in the locality.
  13. To request the RHU II to administer free operation Tuli to children in the barangay.
  14. To provide more street lights to prevent unscrupulous persons to roam during night.
  15. To improved the barangay hall by constructing cabinets and painting.
  16. To settle personal disputed caused by misunderstanding by residents’ theft, robbery and other criminal acts within the limitations of laws.


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