SAFE HAVEN Ompong, inflation, rice shortage, and Habagat…these human concerns shocked Filipinos lately. Yet, we still stood resilient. Despite different problems that the world is facing, Gerona’s belen named “Safe Haven” depicts resiliency and how could everyone be saved through our almighty refuge – Christ. Moreover, this belen is mostly made of 44 long stands of bamboo which is through the efforts of the 44 barangays of Gerona. Like a “kawayan” (bamboo), Geronians may bend and bow their heads to the ground during calamities, but they may still be able to stand tall and look up the sky after the storm. The “kawayan” at the center is a crown of glory that protects the holy family. They hold each other until deluge ceases. Additional details include coconut shells, rubber mats, CDs, plastic bottles, sugarcane bagass, and farmers’ tent (lona). Moreover, 1084 plants were planted on plastic bottles by 8 students of the Gerona Western NHS. This is an eye opener that if they can produce a thousand, why can’t the billion people lend a hand and plant at least 1 to make this world a safer place to live. This belen calls for an action. Calamities and economic issues are inescapable, yet it is evitable. Let’s plant to have a sustainable environment. Let’s plant to combat rice shortage. Let’s plant to combat inflation. Let’s plant to create a safe haven and a paradise with Christ.

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