Covid-19 update as of SEPTEMBER 24, 2020

September 24, 11:00 am, the Rural Health Units of Gerona confirmed [1] positive Covid-19 case in the Municipality of gerona.

POBLACION 3, GERONA [TP2845] – 69, female. She has no history of exposure to a confirmed Covid positive case and she has comorbidities. Admitted in a private hospital on September 21 and was swabbed on September 22. Positive result came out on the same day. Patient is still confined in a private hospital.

Municipality of Gerona and Rural Health Units ensure the health and safety of Geronians.

And also, please be reminded:
1. To do frequent hand washing with soap and water or alcohol based sanitizer.
2. Strictly practice social and physical distancing.
3. Always wear your mask.
Stay at Home and Be Safe!
Source: Rural Health Units of Gerona
Hotline numbers: Globe: 09663160414 Smart: 09219240035

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