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Ordinance No. 447 series of 2014 (>>)


“We envision Gerona as a peaceful, progressive community conducive to sustainable development through participative and responsive governance.”


“Improve the economic condition of the people of Gerona through the introduction of improved economic opportunities, and better accessibility of basic services and needs.”

The goal of officials and employees of the Municipal Government of Gerona is –

To come up with a Citizen’s Charter for the Municipality of Gerona that would promote integrity, accountability, proper management of resources, and customer welfare and satisfaction, in the delivery of frontline services.


We, the officials and employees of the Municipal Government Unit of Gerona pledge and commit to deliver quality services as promised in this citizens’ charter. Specifically, we will:

  • Serve with integrity.
  • Be prompt and timely.
  • Display procedures, fees and charges.
  • Provide adequate and correct information.
  • Be consistent in applying the rules.
  • Provide feedback mechanism.
  • Be polite and courteous.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity and appropriate behavior and professionalism.
  • Wear proper uniform and identification.
  • Be available during office hours.
  • Respond to complaints.
  • Provide comfortable waiting area.
  • Treat everyone equally.


  • Office of the Municipal Treasurer (>>)
    • Applying / Renewing Business Permit
    • Payment of Market Rental
    • Payment of Real Property Taxes
    • Securing certificate of Real Property Tax Payments
    • Securing Community Tax Certificate (CEDULA)
  • Office of the Municipal Engineer (>>)
    • Securing Building Inspection Clearance for Business Permit
    • Securing a Building Permit
    • Securing other building-related permits
    • Securing an Occupancy Permit
  • Civil Registry Services (>>)
    • Requesting a Certified True Copy of Birth, Marriage and Death Record
    • Registration of Birth and Marriage Certificates
    • Registration of Death Certificate
    • Registration of Court Orders / Decrees and Request of Annotated Record
    • Registration of Legal Instruments / Legitimation of Natural Child
    • Requesting endorsement of registry records to the Civil Registrar General
    • Delayed Registration of Civil Registry Records
    • Applying for a Marriage License
    • Filing petition for Change of First Name (CFN) or Correction of Clerical Error/s (CCE)
    • Registration of Foundling / Abandoned Children
  • Office of the Municipal Assessor (>>)
    • Securing owner’s copy of updated Tax Declaration
    • Securing Assessment for a new building or machinery
    • Securing Certification on Tax Declaration, Property Holdings(with and without) and Improvement (with and without)
    • Canceling, revising or correcting assessments
    • Verifying history of real property tax or tax declarations
  • Health Services (>>)
    • Availing of Outpatient Consultation
    • Availing of Reproductive Tract Health Exams
    • Availing of Immunization Services
    • Availing of Maternal Care Services
    • Availing of Circumcision
    • Availing of Dental Examination and/or extraction
    • Availing of anti-tuberculosis drugs
    • Securing a health/medical certificates
    • Availing of Leprosy Drugs
    • Securing a Sanitary Permit and Health Card
    • Availing of Maternity and Newborn Care at the Gerona Birthing Station (GBS)
    • Availing of Laboratory and Medical Examinations
    • Availing Supplemental Feedings
    • Availing of Family Planning Services
    • Attending pre-marriage Counselling Seminars
    • Availing of Physical Therapy Services
  • Office of the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator (>>)
    • Securing Zoning Clearance for Business Permit
    • Securing Certificate of Site Zoning Classification
    • Securing Locational Clearance for Building Permit
  • Municipal Social Welfare and Development Services (>>)
    • Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS)
    • Applying for a Senior Citizen’s Identification Card
    • Securing Certificate of Indecency, Solo Parent I.D. and Person with Disability (PWD) I.D.
    • Securing Social Case Study Report
  • Executive Services (>>)
    • Securing Mayor’s Clearance and Certificate of good moral character
    • Securing Permit on all Advertising and Promotional Activities
  • Public Employment Services (>>)
    • Securing Local Employment Referrals (for applicants)
    • Securing Local Employment Referrals (for employers)

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